Stupid Is As Stupid Does: The First Salvo of the Annual “War Against Christians At Christmas” Has Been Fired

Yikes! (2)Earlier this week, an article by Todd, Starnes appeared in, entitled, “Might offend non-Christians? Man told to remove Christmas display.” And, with that, the Christmas phase of the culture wars has officially begun.

The article purports that Jeremy Morris, of Hayden, Idaho, has been ordered to take down his Christmas decorations, which include a live camel named Dolly, by the attorney for his home-owners association because, “ … some of our residents are non-Christians or of another faith and I don’t even want to think of the problems that could bring up …”

In response, Mr. Morris claims, “Their real agenda is to attack Christians.” A claim with which Starnes and the editors of seem to agree, and wish to broadcast as their idea of sharing with readers the message of the love and peace of the Christmas season some three whole weeks before Thanksgiving.


The Starnes Article Can Be Found Here:


Me, I nominate the whole bunch – Starnes, the editors of, Morris and his home-owners association – for the “Stupid is as Stupid Does Award” for November, 2015.

First, Mr. Morris’ qualifications.

Christmas decorations have nothing to do with Christianity and the Christmas spirit. Most of this stuffed was borrowed from pre-Christian celebrations – Chanukah lights, Saturnalia gifts, Germanic yule logs, Celtic mistletoe.

For Christians, Christmas should be the celebration of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth – the one whom Christians believe redeemed humanity from sin by sacrificing himself to a horrible death by crucifixion. The Christmas spirit is about God’s love for mankind and an annual reminder that humanity love each other as brothers and sisters.

You’ll note, there’s nothing in there about the gross wattage required to illuminate the lights, pinwheels, waving Santas, not-too-tiny reindeer and various other contraptions and contrivances with which some ostentatious morons wrap their houses in order to draw attention to themselves. In fact, I suggest such displays are performed not out of “Christmas Spirit” but out of self-aggrandizement – pride – the seminal sin of the deadly seven of Christian penitential theology.

What Mr. Morris has constructed is not a display of genuine Christmas spirit, but a gargantuan and grotesque nuisance with an overly-commercialized Christmas theme (if such is possible in this day and age).

This man’s neighbors are not only sleep deprived from having to live where there’s no darkness at night, but they also have probably developed SEW, “spasmodic eye winking,” from the blinking, shining, flashing and twinkling lights that dominate every minute and every second of the hours of darkness.

Then, there’s Dolly the camel!Dolly the Camel (2)

So, Mr. Morris’ homeowner’s association is spot on with its observation that, “Your event will be offensive to the senses and will interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of your neighbors’ private property rights.”

Then, there’s the issue of the bustling throngs, who invade the neighborhood to experience Mr. Morris’ quasi-Christmas carnival. Traffic, noise, litter … this sounds like it’s as much fun as living across the street from Wrigley Field during a Cubs’ game … without the joy and delight of some drunken yahoo urinating on the lawn … maybe.

So again, the home owners association, “Your planned event will be a nuisance to the entire neighborhood.”


Then, there’s the attorney for the West Hayden Estates First Addition Homeowners Association, Mr. Scott Poorman (esquire, I guess), who actually connects Mr. Morris’ Christmas display to offending non-Christians.

The last time I looked, the freedom from being offended is not a constitutional right, while the freedom of expression is. Mr. Poorman is trying to use the alleged authority of being an attorney, not to interpret law but to allude to potential aspects of political correctness.

Unfortunately, Mr. Poorman’s lack of judgment in the wording of his complaint, gives the culture warriors on the right the opportunity to defend and to prop up a gross public nuisance as a reasonable display of Christian faith.

Which brings us to Starnes and

Get a clue, folks! This isn’t news! It’s not even reasonably informed opinion! It’s propaganda!

Starnes and Fox News is stirring up the conservative Christian right coming into an election year. The article is a fabrication of another horror story relating how snide and malicious “secular progressives” on the left are attacking the constitutional freedoms of religion and expression under the guise of offending others.

For shame!

There’s enough genuine anti-Christian sentiment in the world today that you didn’t have to distort the homeowners association’s quite justifiable objections to a nuisance into an anti-Christian jihad.gun nuts (2)

This warped rhetoric does damage to a serious issue, the disparaging of Christians and Christianity in the social space, in much the same way the “global warming” janissaries harm reasonable efforts to protect the environment, the “Obamacare” zealots on both sides of the aisle harm efforts to reform healthcare, and the NRA fanatics destroy reasonable efforts to manage guns.

Mr. Morris defends his spectacle saying he uses the Christmas display to raise money for the families of cancer patients as well as a local organization that helps homeless children.

Bravo, Mr. Morris! That is the Christmas spirit as I understand it!

Here’s what I suggest.

Show your Christian love of neighbor. Give up your extravagant, holiday self-aggrandizement. Take down all the lights, Santas, reindeer, Ho-Ho-Ho machines, and jolly snowmen. Let Dolly the Camel spend her holidays in a nice, warm barn.

Contribute the money you save on electricity to your worthy causes.

You could even take up a collection with your neighbors! If they refuse to contribute, threaten to put the stuff back up!




The “Who / Whom” Principle of Media Morality: A Scorecard

I’ve recently been confused by the media coverage of recent events.

The basis of my confusion is my unfortunate propensity to judge incidents by moral principles evoked by the actual events. You know, those standards of conduct that your parents talked about so we could all go about our lives without making nuisances of ourselves.

But, my days of confusion are behind me!

I’ve broken the code!

In reporting news, it doesn’t matter what happened; all the matters is who was involved.

The media, both left and right (but the left is so much better at it) apply the “Who / Whom” principle to current events in order to perpetuate myths of class warfare in the United States.

I remember from my days in Poli-Sci 101 that “Who / Whom” is a Bolshevist slogan attributed to Vladimir Lenin, who was real popular on my campus in the 1960’s… second only to Chairman Mao, pot and the Beatles.

In 1921, Lenin is supposed to have characterized class struggle in Russia, by stating, “The whole question is who will overtake whom“? (my emphasis)

In 1929, Lenin’s successor, Joseph Stalin, interpreted and hardened Lenin’s position saying,

The fact is, we live according to Lenin’s formula: Who-Whom? Will we knock them, the capitalists, flat and give them the final, decisive battle, or will they knock us flat?

For Stalinists (and we even had a few of these on campus… the Stalinist chicks were considered very sexy, but highly dangerous) “Who / Whom,” was a formula describing the inevitability and the inflexibility of social-class warfare. One antagonist, either capitalism or socialism, must dominate the other. Any compromises between these two intractable foes would just be temporary expedients. In the end, one ideology must destroy the other.

How is this implemented in the US media? Let’s take some examples from the left… again… because they’re so good at it.

First of all, let’s define the “who / whom.”

The “Who” is the “The Social Oppressor.” This character tends to be white, male, heterosexual and Christian.

The “Whom,” or “The Socially Oppressed” in this morality tale, is the antithesis of the “Who”: black trumps white, female over male, agnostic instead of Christian, etc.

For social characterization principles on the right, just reverse it… the white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, Male, Capitalist made this country what it is… I don’t care… they still make the best martinis.

On the left, the genres of the “Who / Whom” myths include “The War Against Minorities”; “The War Against Women”; “The War Against Immigrants”; “The War Against LGBT” and so on.

Of course, the right has its own set social myths: “The War Against Christianity”; “The War Against Gun Rights”; “The War Against Free Speech,” blah-blah, blah-blah, blah-blah.

So, for the media, in an amazing feat of deductive legerdemain, current events do not define the condition of society. The unquestionable and unquestioned authority of core, ideological, social myths gives meaning to current events.

News reporting has become so formulaically dependent of the “Who / Whom” principle, a reader can actually “score” the stories!

Using the ideology of the left, which again is the most developed of the “Who / Whom” paradigms, here is a score card for the reading liberal media.

Social Media Myth Evaluation Score Card

(Leftists Only)

Step 1. Identify the protagonists.

Step 2. Based on the presented characteristics of the protagonists, score each.


Non-Republican African American       5

Hispanic                                                      4

Note: “White-Hispanics” and folks actually from Spain are disqualified.

Native American                                       3

Other                                                           2

East Asian                                                  1

Note: A “minority” but social collaborators… they actually work hard, go to med school, and become brain surgeons with no public assistance

White                                                           0


Sneering Agnostic / Atheist            5

Regular Agnostic / Atheist              4

Un-Scary Muslims                            3

Jewish                                                 2

Note: Unless they support Israel’s Palestinian policies

Other / Non-Stated / Wiccan          1

Christian                                              0


Trans Sexual                                                  4

Indeterminate and metro-sexuals             3

Non-Republican Females                            2

Male                                                                 0

Republican Females (Gender Traitors)   -1

Special Scoring Rules

  1. Gun Ownership                                                                 -10
  2. College Radical                                                                  +5
  3. Thinks Michelle Bachmann is hot                                 -5
  4. College Radical, who blew something up                    +10
  5. Appeared on Fox News and agreed with Host            -10
  6. Admitted to being afraid of Muslims                            Fired
  7. Thinks Ann Coulter is hot                                                -10
  8. “I was against the war in college”                                   +5
  9. Quotes Rush Limbaugh favorably                                  -15
  10. Still thinks Al Franken is funny                                      +5
  11. “Community Organizer”                                                  +10
  12. Sarah Palin                                                                   Disqualified
  13. Pope Francis bonus for divorced Catholics, who practice birth control and support “pro-choice” candidates         +3
  1. Thinks Hilary Clinton is hot                                   FUGETTABOUTIT!

Step 3. Score each protagonist.

Step 4. The protagonist with the highest number of points is the “good guy”… ooops… sorry… these are the rules for the left… “good person.”

Step 5. Adapt the event to the social myth that best justifies why the protagonist with the most points is the winner.

Think you got it? Let’s take a look at a couple of examples.

Example 1: “Republicans accuse presidential candidate, Hilary Rodham Clinton, of storing classified information on an unauthorized and unprotected server.”

Fish in a barrel! Hilary’s the heroine and the Republicans are the villains. Myth – “War on Women”; “if she were a male candidate, we wouldn’t be talking about it.” Suppress the actual facts of exposing classified information to hackers from China and Iran, and the fact that these acts violate federal law; talk incessantly about the wonders of having the first woman POTUS as a victory for women.

Think you got it now? Let’s try another.

Example 2. “Republicans oppose President Obama’s nuclear arms deal with Iran because of weak verification stipulations.”

Okay… if you haven’t figured it out yet, on the left the term “Republican” is code for “the bad guys.” Social Myth: “Persecution of Muslims.” Action: talk about the human suffering the ineffective economic sanctions are having on the Iranian people; publish stories of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, ordering air-strikes on Palestinian orphanages; publish an indignant piece about a Muslim shop owner, who had his windows broken out by neo-Nazis in Mississippi.

Let’s try one from the right!

Example 3. “Student suspended from a public high school in Berkeley for wearing a blood-red NRA tee-shirt picturing an AK47 and the caption “I’ll Die Defendin’ My Rights!”

Bad Guys: Uber Liberal, politically correct, wimpy, high school administrators. Myth: Attack on constitutional guarantees of free speech and gun ownership. Action: Claim the administrators were not available for comment… better yet… report that the lawyers for the high school district said the administrators were not available for comment; interview the boy’s parents, Billy Bob and Sally Mae Hatfield, talking about constitutional law, free speech, and their “rahts as US citizens” in front of an American flag; run a special about real Nazi’s taking the guns away from German citizens in 1935.

 For consumers of the modern media, ask not what the events of a story describe and what the moral principles illustrate; ask only who is the villain of the piece. And, if you recognize yourself, just keep changing newspapers until you’re the “good guy.”








Seven smart tips on how to act when in contact with a law enforcement officer

Presentation1Too often routine contacts between police and civilians escalate tragically out of control. Remember, both you and the officer share a primary goal… to go home safely at the end of the day.

You may be a good, law-biding individual who would never harm another person. But, the officer does not know that. And, unfortunately, the officer’s duties often place the officer in contact with individuals, who do not respect the law, their fellow citizens or keeping the peace.

Here are seven smart tips on how to act when in contact with a law enforcement officer.

  1. Dropped my contactRemain Calm. Take a deep breath! Avoid pointing, screaming, cursing, or yelling; never make aggressive gestures toward the officer. A smile could help here.
  2. Follow Instructions. Usually this has something to do with identification. Ladies! If your wallet’s in your bag, tell the officer before you plunge into it. Guys, your wallet’s in your back pocket, right? Don’t suddenly go for it. Tell the officer and follow the officer’s instructions on how to get it.
  3. Empty Your Hands. Put down any items in your hands, i.e., bags, jackets, keys, cell phones, etc.
  4. Keep Your Hands Visible At All Times. Please! Officers are trained to watch your hands. If instructed, raise your hands and spread your fingers.
  5. Avoid Quick Movements. Especially toward the officers.
  6. Do Not Lay Hands On The Officer. This should be obvious, but doesn’t seem to be for some. If you use force against an officer, the officer will use force to regain control of the situation. You will not win this fight.
  7. Weapons. Inform the officer immediately if you are carrying or have in your possession any type of weapon-especially hand guns and knives. Do not reach for them! Follow the officer’s instructions… slowly.

Remember! We all want to go home safely at the end of the day!