Available October 6th

Screen-Shot-2015-05-26-at-6.56.52-AM2As a youth, Insubrecus was caught between two worlds. He lived in the mythical tales told to him by his grandfather about the heroic past of his people, the Gah’el. However, his mother, Valeria, was determined to make a practical and successful Roman gentlemen out of him. On top of all this, he fell in love with Gabinia, the beautiful daughter of a Roman Senator, whose family was determined to kill him to uphold their honor.

Insubrecus tries to escape the assassins sent after him from Rome by hiding in the Roman army, right at the time that the new governor, Gaius Iulius Caesar, launches his legions into the forests of Gaul to stop an invasion by a fierce and ruthless tribe called the Helvetii. Insubrecus is plunged into a world of violence, intrigue and betrayal, as he tries to serve his new patron, Caesar, and to stay alive, while pursued by Roman cutthroats and Gallic warriors.


scanRay Gleason was born in New York City in 1948 and has lived in the Midwest since 1980. His first book, “A Grunt Speaks,” reflects his experience as an rsz_g_california_holiday_2010_184infantryman and ranger for the three combat tours he served in Vietnam. Gleason became a advocate for the Vietnam-era generation in his novel, “The Violent Season.” Gleason teaches Medieval Literature at Northwestern University and leadership ethics at a private high school in Indiana.