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“All these stories and reports of Romans, Belgae, Krauts, and whatnot have become a knot I do not have time to unravel, so I’m just going to slice it open!” Caesar announced. “Tomorrow at dawn, this army marches on the Aeduan capital … we march on Bibracte!”




With his army starving and close to mutiny, and his political enemies in Rome plotting his destruction, Gaius Iulius Caesar, Roman Proconsul, commanding general of the Roman legions in Gaul, and patron of Gaius Marius Insubrecus, commits an act that his officers believe is utter madness, cutting his lines of retreat to attack a vastly superior enemy force.

The Helvetian Affair, the second book of the Gaius Marius Chronicle, is the memoir of a retired Roman soldier, Gaius Marius Insubrecus, a legionary who fought with Caesar through his Gallic campaigns and the Roman civil wars.

The Helvetian Affair tells the story of Gai’s first military campaign as a Roman soldier, Caesar’s invasion or Gaul and his pursuit of a powerful and ruthless tribe, the Helvetians.

Through the intrigues of ruthless Roman politicians and the ambition of Caesar himself, Gai is thrust into a maelstrom of war, intrigue and betrayal.




Ray Gleason is the best-selling author of the Gaius Marius Chronicle. He was born in New York City in 1948 and has lived in the Midwest since 1980. His first book, “A Grunt Speaks,” reflects his experience as an rsz_g_california_holiday_2010_184infantryman and ranger for the three combat tours he served in Vietnam. Gleason became an advocate for the Vietnam-era generation in his novel, “The Violent Season.” Gleason teaches Medieval Literature at Northwestern University and writing at Purdue. The first novel  of The Gaius Marius Chronicle, The Gabinian Affair,  will be release by Morgan James Fiction in October, 2015. Book two, The Helvetian Affair, is due to be release in May, 2106.


Contact Ray Gleason: ray@raygleason.com